House No.3 - 1kg (5 Pack)
Short Street Coffee House No. 3

House No.3 - 1kg (5 Pack)

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If you are used to buying 1kg bags of coffee, then this is the pack for you.  Enjoy fresh coffee over a month.  Price includes delivery!

House No.3 is your solution to the bold coffee you love. Espresso roast, blended to be sweet, balanced with spicy and earthy notes to stand out in milk based beverages.

House No.3 is a medium dark roast created to perform well in milk based beverages. It is a blend of South and Central American coffees with a touch of Indian to help it stand out in milk. This blend presents with smooth vanilla aromas with notes of spice, jamaican chocolate, raisins, and spicy black tea flavour notes with muted acidity, bold earthy body and a long caramel and tobacco finish.

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