Delter Brewer Starter Kit

Delter Brewer Starter Kit

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The Delter Coffee Press starter kit is a brilliant Australian designed hybrid brewer that takes travel coffee to the next level.

Get started with the brewer, filters and two cans of single origin filter roast coffee. 

The Delter Coffee Press is an amazing way to have a hybrid pour over coffee made from a press style device.

Unlike the Aeropress brewer this device has a seperate coffee chamber coupled with a membrane that creates an evenly distributed shower of water that you control with pressure applied to the plunger.

One of the simplest methods to make a fast, clean body, flavourful coffee anywhere.

We find this method to be simpler and more refined than the Aeropress or definitely other plunger style methods.  Both Kevin and Scott use this in hotels, airplanes, outdoors or even the occasional pub.

Included in this purchase are easy to follow instructions and an opportunity to have a personal online brewing experience with one of the founders.

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