Delter Coffee Micro Filter Papers

Delter Coffee Micro Filter Papers

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These paper Micro Filters help you brew coffee with a smooth flavor and clean body by disabling micro grounds to enter your final mug.

The filters have a 6.5cm diameter and are designed to work with the Delter Coffee Press and other brewers that use circular filters. Each filter provides a single use, which means you can make 300 cups of coffee with this pack of 300.

Paper Micro Filters make cleaning up a breeze after brewing a mug of Delter coffee. Simply press the plunger until the filter and used grounds are forced into the garbage. Easy!

Delter Micro Filters – 300 Pack Features

Smooth, Clean Coffee – Produce incredibly smooth and clean coffee by disabling grounds to pass through the paper filter to your final mug.

Versatile Shape – Designed for the Delter, but compatible with most brewers that use circular filters.

300 Pack – More than enough filters to last months.

Easy Cleanup – Can be composted or disposed in the garbage with the used grounds immediately after brewing for painless cleanup.

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