House No.9 - 500g Bag
House No.9 - 500g Bag

House No.9 - 500g Bag

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This is a hidden special for only our special coffee drinkers!

House No.9 is your solution to the smooth, fruity, and balanced coffee you love both black and with milk. Light Espresso Roast coffee crafted to give a velvety mouthfeel and balanced fruit notes in a short black or flat white.

House No.9 is a medium roast coffee targeted to meet your needs for black and milk based coffees. This is a blend of South American, Central American, East African, and a smidgen of Indian for shoulder. The blend presents almond, blackberry and dark cocoa aromas, rich chocolate, stone fruit, and roasted almond flavour notes with a balanced acidity with a lingering finish.

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