Kalita Brewer Starter Kit

Kalita Brewer Starter Kit

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The Kalita wave starter kit is a great way to start your coffee journey at home or office. Starts with two cans of filter coffee beans (1x standard origin and 1x rotating origin) and a pack of 100 filters.

The Kalita wave is our favourite brew because of the ease of brewing, consistent cup quality and simple clean up.

The flat bottom filter design makes it easier to not over extract the coffee in the base as often happens with cone type filters. The ceramic materials help retain a consistent brew temperature and wave and filter riser design creates a smooth flow of water through the coffee bed at a measured rate.

The two coffee origins will keep you interested with a variety of flavour, body and aromatic experiences. We believe this method is superior to the Hario V60, Fellow Ode, and Clever Coffee Dripper.

Included in this purchase are easy to follow instructions and an opportunity to have a personal online brewing experience with one of the founders.

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